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Inventu Viewer+ Server Macros

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This help covers how to implement a Inventu Viewer+ FVTerm Web Terminal Emulator Server-side macro.


A server-side macro is a compiled .NET assembly that extends the FVTerm ServerMacro class to provide actions and logic that can be triggered by a client.




Any .NET language can be used to implement the server-side macro, such as c#, VB.NET or Visual C++

Has full API access to the active Inventu Viewer+ screen session HostConnection and HostScreen objects

Supports identifying a "starting screen" for users that have the filter active "Only show Macros for Active Screen"

Based on assembly folder location, available for a specific Inventu Viewer+ Host, Active Directory Group or specific User

Synchronous display of a Message Box with support for user buttons including OK, Cancel, Yes and/or No

Synchronous display of a single value Prompt with configurable buttons (same as Message Box)

Synchronous display of a dialog with multiple labels and values with configurable buttons

Server code can Request the client to upload a File (then access the file)

Server code can "push" a file to the client