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Inventu WebFlow Macros

Inventu WebFlow Macros

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Inventu WebFlow Macros

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Flynet Viewer is unique in the web-based terminal emulation market, as it is the only HTML/Javascript product that includes a full-function, Javascript-based Macro Recording, Design and Playback feature.


WebFlow macros are actually object-oriented Javascript modules that are dynamically loaded and run by users from the server based on an integrated management interface.


For Users


For users, Macros can easily be authored at a simple Record-and-Playback level using Alt-R to start and Alt-R to finish...a few more steps and the Macro is ready to run again and again.  (See Using WebFlow Macros in Common Actions)


For Administrators


Webflow Macros can be configured and managed so that only selected users can Author macros or Edit existing macros.


For Developers / Technical Users


Webflow Macros have a plug-in architecture and an advanced drag-and-drop logic builder that can incorporate a variety of data sources and targets to provide ad-hoc, rapidly constructed host integration through the screen interface.




Quickly record entry and navigation across multiple screens

Visual Designer provides settings for entries made as well as many advanced features

Easily select available macros from a list to playback

Available macro list can be filtered to display only macros that start on current screen

Playing back a macro, initial entry form provides values to be keyed into screens for verification or modification

Macros are stored on the server and can be shared as public macros by all users

Optional administrator configuration provides individual macros for users, stored on server by userid

Flexible logic management with visual drag-and-drop logic components

Macros are all editable javascript with a built-in editor part of the Designer

Generated macro scripts as well as design data are stored on the server, allowing modification at any time (including full visual design properties)

Powerful plug-in architecture enables extending the use of macro variables.  Initial plug-ins include:

oEmail Sender - using templates, format and send email based on completion of a macro

oMicrosoft Excel Read/Write - use Excel spreadsheets as a data source or target (requires Active-X enabled Internet Explorer on Windows clients)

oMicrosoft Word document data merge - use Word .DOT files to construct a word document based on macro data (requires Active-X enabled Internet Explorer on Windows clients)