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Inventu Viewer+ Configuration Management

By defining this value, you will activate live logging of user terminal emulation sessions.  Live logging will show details about the screens visited and the entries made by the user, and should only be used when a balance between audit trails and privacy/confidential data is understood.  All data entries, including passwords will be logged so the logs should be in a secure, well protected folder.


Example:  c:\FVLogger\Logs


Other settings that are checked if this value is defined include:


Logging Extension Assembly - A custom assembly that can provide connection management functions (such as single-signon integration) and that can inspect screen values and user data entries

Logging Recognition Definitions - A Flynet screen definitions XML file defining screens and field maps.  Created using Flynet Studio or the Flynet Mapper application.

Logging Level - Defines the level of detail to include in the log files