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Configuring TLS Inventu Viewer Console Access with STunnel

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If you need to encrypt using TLS between the Inventu Viewer Microsoft Management Console SnapIn (FVMMC) and one or more Inventu Viewer Servers, we recommend using the open source product STunnel ( to provide a secure TLS connection.  


The console port for Inventu Viewer, which is an HTTP port typically listening on port 82 has traditionally been used only on the localhost connection.  Starting in the late 2022 releases, the Inventu Viewer MMC SnapIn was updated to support a TLS connection on a different port.  This was tested using STunnel successfully--Inventu may upgrade the built-in HTTP server to support TLS in the future but for now, STunnel is the recommended path to TLS connections from other workstations to your Inventu Viewer Server.


The STunnel SSL Service is a robust, reliable open-source software component that is very well supported and has thousands of installations globally. Included with the STunnel installation is an optional certificate generation which avoids the need for a generic certificate provided by Inventu and can provide a unique certificate for use in defining your FVMMC connection.


 Getting Started --Downloading STunnel