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Tech Support Documentation for Inventu Viewer

The following common connection errors seen by users can help in diagnosing connection problems.  Note that if your users have selected a different language than English that the messages are displayed in that language--if this is the case, try connecting yourself to see the message and match to below.


Host is Down or Network Problem Connecting



Verify with user which host is causing this error and check

the status of the host and the status of the network between

the Inventu Viewer server(s) and the host.


Inventu Viewer Emulation Service is Unavailable













Go right to Checking Service Health with Administration Console and Most Likely Restarting the Service or Server


Server IIS or FVTerm v4.0 Application Pool is Stopped or Web.Config Configuration Error















Go right to Restarting IIS or FVTerm v4.0 Application Pool


User Has Too Many Sessions Already



Your server has a Concurrent User license and this user has

connected to too many sessions.  The maximum can be adjusted

using the Admin Console / Service Settings / Service:  
Maximum Sessions Per User Override


All Sessions are In Use



Your server is full (not an error!)--check with the Admin Console if there
are sessions that have been idle for a long time--you can

manually stop sessions or lower/activate the timeout in

order to clean-out user sessions that are stale so new

sessions can be started.